Our Shop Mascots



In 2011, a feral litter was found under Allen's shop at SCREAMS Halloween Park where he was director at the time.  All kittens were homed except a small Tuxedo two days before opening.  Who has time to find a home for a kitten when the show is about to open?  So it was decided the Tux would live at the home studio as a foster until we found a a home for him.  Years later, Tuxedo is still here and we are Foster Fails.  Tux is a champion hunter and keeps the shop clear of mice.  Most of the time....



This handsome Christmas Eve stray came home to live with us in 2017 and makes regular rounds in the Stiltbeast Studios shop.  He is VERY vocal and you can often hear him stating his opinion on live feeds.  



Named after the famed ginger of "ALIEN" and "ALIENS", this tiny guy was rescued from a drainage ditch and taken to Dark Hour by one of the crew on a super busy show night.  All it takes is one kitten to bring productivity to a halt.  So to save the show, he was adopted as the newest Stiltbeast Studios mascot.  We expect great things from him.  





Named after the World of Warcraft hero Leroy Jenkins, this tiny feral kitten ran blindly through a busy intersection with out being squashed and jumped right into the undercarriage of our car.  She was sick, wild and mean.  4 days later she decided this was her new home and began to purr.  She is easily the cat in charge.



Named after Boris Karloff, he is the largest of three Great Pyrenees/Springer Spaniel puppies we recently adopted.  Boris is mighty and brave.  Most of the time. 



Named after the great Lon Chaney, this handsome boy is also called "The Professor" as he is always thinking something out.  He is part of our Great Pyrenees/Springer Spaniel adopted trio.



The girl of the trio, she is named after the great Bela Lugosi but with the feminine spelling as she is a lady.  She is the smallest of the trio of Great Pyrenees/Springer Spaniel litter we adopted but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in poor decisions and chaos.  


Tyson the Tree Frog

We actually have up to 5 tree frogs living in the shop bathroom.   Tyson was the first and still resides there when the weather does not cooperate with his liking.  We have tried repeatedly to gently relocate him into the wild but he keeps coming back.  With friends.   So, if you visit the Stiltbeast Studios bathroom, keep your eyes open for Tyson and his comrades.  They are harmless and keep the insects in check.