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Monster Camp

Monster Camp apron, sculpting kit and head form- ready for the student to start.

Want to make your own mask creation but wish you had an experienced instructor there to guide you?  Welcome... to Monster Camp!

Training and Consultation


Get your staff on the same page long before the show opens.  Need help creating a cohesive creative team?   Not sure what direction your show's theme should be?  Need help with a storyline and icon characters? We can help!

Actor Training


Let us train your actors to scare the right way.  Learn physicality, character building and vocal skills.  Plus endurance, pacing and energy to get your team through the longest and toughest of haunt nights.  

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Stiltbeast Studios

1683 Hollow Way Lane, Quinlan, Texas 75474, United States

(469) 337-4929

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The Lab Series

A day full of le