Monster Camp

"I wish I could do that..."

One of the most frequent comments posted on any Stiltbeast live feed is "I wish I could do that..."  Thing is,  YOU CAN.

Welcome to Monster Camp!  

Monster Camp is a fully immersive hands on weekend designed for serious students to learn the mask making process.  Hosted on site at the Stiltbeast Studios workshop, everything you need to create is supplied for you and classes are kept small to encourage personalized direction.  Students learn every step of this craft from sculpting, molding and painting to strapping and final details.    Occasionally observer spots are provided depending on the size of the class.   Most important to us is that the students learn this process, build confidence as they stretch their abilities and feel comfortable to ask questions, make mistakes, learn from them and have a great time!  This is hard work but man is it fun!

By the end of the weekend, you will have a completed product of your own creation.  More over,  you now can take this skill with you to your own haunt and teach your team how it works, thus opening the door for creating a unique look to your show or production.   

As Monster Camp continues to grow, we hope to offer camps specializing in other creative opportunities like costumes, stilts and airbrush.   For now, we are specializing in mask making, the base of so many Halloween  dreams.  

Monster Camp is not just for haunters, some of our students have never set foot in a haunted attraction and simply wish to stretch their artistic talents.   Anyone who wishes to learn this very unique craft is welcome.   

How does Monster Camp work?


Monster Camp is $550 for the Half Mask class which is the class we are currently offering.  This includes three days of instruction and all the supplies you need to complete your creation:  head bust, clay, plaster, latex, paint, straps, staples as well as your own workspace.  As a Monster Camp student, you also receive as a gift a Stiltbeast Studios apron, a sculpting tools kit and you get to keep your half mask headform to make future masks on your own.   Your meals are also included.  

Students provide their own transportation and hotel for Monster Camp.  We live in the country and the closest hotel is about 20 minutes away, so we provide shuttle service to and from each day if you choose to stay in the host hotel.   

Most of all know that you require NO previous experience to participate in this workshop.  All you need to bring is your desire to learn and an idea of what it is you want to make.  We guide you on all the rest.  

Due to the Covid-19 virus quarantine, Monster Camp is temporarily  suspended.  As soon as shelter in place restrictions are lifted, we will resume our camps.  

Do you have more questions? Please write us at

The host hotel for Monster Camp is the Holiday Inn in Royse City. Link below:  

What are they saying about Monster Camp?

Under the Crooked Hat Blog Entry

Monster Camp, run by Allen and Shannon Hopps, is "next-level" education!

Under the Crooked Hat Blog Entry

Our friend Wanda recently attended Monster Camp #2.  Like many people, she had an interest in learning how to make masks so that her own ideas and creations could be brought to life. Wanda is an avid haunter and blogger and she observed, photographed and documented everything! Seeing Monster Camp through her eyes was a real pleasure.  

“Go make stuff!”, Allen says. How many live videos I have watched late at night with Allen and others in his workshop, making stuff?

I wanted to be able to do that too. I had no idea where to start, or what to get or anything. It is different to sit and watch something and then doing it.

Monster Camp opened up a door to let me come and work with who I consider to be a master at monster and mask making! I couldn’t pass up the chance to be in his shop, working with his tools and all the supplies I would need and under Allen’s tutelage!

I have never sculpted in clay much, certainly not a half mask! I’ve not ever even picked up an air brush before, much less used one. You don’t have to know anything nor have any experience at all doing any of it. Allen and Rob were there to help guide and instruct on how to use the tools you were given with the materials, sharing quick tips and information and knowledge gained from years of experience! I never felt dumb or embarrassed, but just soaked it up like a sponge! They both were there if I had any questions or wanted advice or suggestions or help.

What a joy this experience was, the whole process to making a half mask! To be able to step away from the rest of the world and focus on sculpting and molding and casting and painting a half monster mask! It could be anything you wanted!

And if that wasn’t enough, you are fed such delicious meals prepared by Shannon that have been designed with not only the season you are there in the shop but also what you are doing for that day! How thoughtful and mindful that is and how well it was blended together so that you didn’t have to worry about anything! Even picking you up and dropping you back off each day from the hotel!

You are with others of like mind and interests, making monsters together! What a joyous time together it has been that it makes me want to come down from Maine to do it all again! I hated for the weekend to end! Great people!

Not only do you keep the mask you made, but you also get the mold and the head form you sculpted on and the rest of your clay and a nice tool kit to boot!

This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Allen and Shannon along with Rob were very down to earth, friendly, and welcoming hosts! I had the best time there and the group we had making monsters together was a wonderful collection of people from all across the U.S.!

Such an inspiration Monster Camp is that brought us all together in great camaraderie and Halloween Monster Making spirit! Not only making half masks, but new friends as well!

BONUS! We got a tour of Dark Hour Haunted house and Bity Mold Supply! After attending this camp, it really got me to look at masks in a very different way and has inspired me to make more now and set up my own workshop.

A huge thank you to Allen and Shannon for opening up your home and workshop for us all to make monsters in and a big thank you to Rob for taking time out to be there and help with the whole process!

Love you all!!

Wanda C

Monster Camp 2

Monster Tutorials

Monster Camp, run by Allen and Shannon Hopps, is "next-level" education!

Under the Crooked Hat Blog Entry

If you are a fan of Monster Tutorials on Youtube, you're likely going to recognize Eduardo Talbert who's Youtube Channel boasts 45,000 subscribers and growing!  This well known monster maker and vlogger joined us for Monster Camp 2 and documented his adventure.  

See Part 1 and 2 of his vlog in the links below....

Monster Camp, run by Allen and Shannon Hopps, is "next-level" education!

Monster Camp, run by Allen and Shannon Hopps, is "next-level" education!

Monster Camp, run by Allen and Shannon Hopps, is "next-level" education!

I have attended many hands-on workshops at haunter conventions. While usually helpful, these classes suffer from several limitations: you’re pressed for time to free up the room for the next class, essential tools and materials are not available, and there are often too many students for the instructor to properly assist. Monster Camp provides a focused, immersive learning experience at Allen's fully-equipped and well-stocked shop. During that intense 3-day period, you absorb an amazing amount of useful information and hands-on familiarity with mask-making, and you leave eager to apply that knowledge in the future.

Now when I say "next-level", that does not necessarily mean you need any previous expertise to attend. I entered Monster Camp with no sculpting or molding experience whatsoever. But with some occasional well-timed help from Allen (facilitated by the excellent teacher-to-student ratio at Monster Camp), my design developed quickly. Allen critiqued, cajoled, and generally nudged me along so I would not settle on "just okay", pushing me to produce the best possible sculpt that I could. Prior to the class, I found the mask-making process a bit intimidating. Now, with Allen's instruction, I've overcome my trepidation and I've gained another essential haunter skill to add to my arsenal.

So do it, do it now – sign up for Monster Camp, break out of your comfort zone, and learn some amazing new skills!

Warren Maxwell
Owner/Operator, Third Degree of Terror Home Haunt in Ayer MA
Guest actor at Fright Kingdom in Nashua NH
Former set designer/prop maker/actor at Ghoulie Manor in Taunton MA

From Monster Camp 1

You don't have to be a pro-haunter, home haunters benefit from Monster Camp, too!

Monster Camp, run by Allen and Shannon Hopps, is "next-level" education!

 I got the privilege of actually participating in the very first monster camp. Allen is a top-notch teacher not only will he teach you the basics on how to create and mold your own mask he'll push you to new limits that you didn't think you were capable of (never seen face off it's kind of like that)but it's not just about the mask making it's an experience Allen and his wife Shannon actually open their doors and let you be part of the family for an entire weekend from home cooking to relaxing in the pool after class it's a top-notch experience  that only Allen and his wife could give. So if you're thinking about taking this class I highly recommend It only will you get caught by one of the leaders in the industry but you'll be welcomed as part of the family. Now as Allen would say-get out there and make stuff.

Ryan Visingard

Head Artistic Director at Lake Hickory Haunts

You don't have to be a pro-haunter, home haunters benefit from Monster Camp, too!

You don't have to be a pro-haunter, home haunters benefit from Monster Camp, too!

You don't have to be a pro-haunter, home haunters benefit from Monster Camp, too!

 I have been a Halloweenhead my entire life. Utterly fascinated by it, but never felt I had it in me to create anything. I watched several of Allen’s videos and started gaining a little self confidence.
I was very bummed that I missed the first Camp, but signed up the very moment the 2nd opened.
I immediately felt like I was home. I had no idea what I was doing, but Allen and Rob swooped in and gave me invaluable tips. The tools, the armature, the experience was WELL worth the cost.
I haven’t even gotten to the point where Shannon spoils us ROTTEN. She cooked all of our meals from scratch and they were unbelievable. They couldn’t have made you feel more welcomed. I will definitely be going back and can’t recommend this class enough. It far surpassed my expectations!  I love you guys!!
Andi Prado

You don't have to be a pro-haunter, home haunters benefit from Monster Camp, too!

You don't have to be a pro-haunter, home haunters benefit from Monster Camp, too!