Stiltbeast Studios         so different it's scary

 Personal Actor Training-

Allen can come to your venue and help you train your
staff in order to maximize your actors. He uses techniques
from his DVD's, improvisational theater exercises, and exercises to
strengthen the spirit and moral of your performers.  Allen has been teaching and leading Haunted attraction actors for over 13 years. He will tailor his curriculum to the style of show you
want to have. Contact us and we can talk about what you need. Aside from performing, this is what Allen Hopps is best at.

Airbrush make-up instruction-

Allen has been doing airbrush make up for six years. All of his
airbrush work is Haunted house based and his solutions
and instruction are practical for the hectic Haunted House make-up
room. He can train your staff or simply help you set up a system that will work for your show. Take advantage of his experience and save the hassle of trying to troubleshoot and find systems that work in the demanding Haunted House environment. Allen airbrushes 30 actors
every show night in an hour and a half.  Depending on the level of
detail you want in your makeups, even higher numbers are possible.

Custom stilt costumes or instruction-

Allen has been making awesome stilt costumes for the Haunted
attraction industry for over 10 years. Stilts are an awesome way to bring larger than life monsters to your customers. Allen is an expert stiltwalker himself and every
costume he makes is safe and comfortable to walk in. Do you have a
monster in your mind that you need to see walking around in your show? Stiltbeast Studios can make it happen on time and on budget. Stilt costumes are the only thing I will take commissions for as I know how much they add to a show and how hard a good looking safe costume is to come by.


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