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Props-  Here you will find all of the pieces that are currently finished and ready to ship as well as a few orderable items. All of the pieces are made and then sold. Look to find actor hand props, Necronomicon style books,unique set decor, and anything else we feel like making .Aside from a few hard to find items all of them sculpted, molded, and painted by us here at Stiltbeast Studios.

 These Necronomicon style books are excellent props for your show.  They would look great in a study, Captain's room, library or witch's lair set.  Or even just your office to freak out your co-workers.  Each book is hand crafted from a previously exisitng tome and completly unique.  No two books are ever alike.  The inside of the books is not themed so they always come closed by lock or "magical seal". 

The books were destined for a trash heap before themeatic recycling.  Various elements and mediums are used to create these books.  Almost all the books have metal corners, jeweled eyes and other metalic accents. 

These books cost $35.00 each plus $8.00 for shipping.  If you have a special concept or design in mind, send me an email at and we can discuss it.

Styles may vary slightly as each one is sculpted, they pictures represent variations on a theme as opposed to specific books, all books will be finished to an excellent standard and will appear similar to the requested style.




 silicone mask





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