Stiltbeast Studios         so different it's scary
Masks and Costumes-  Here you will find all of the pieces that are currently finished and ready to ship. Any piece you see here is ready to go, there is no ordering. All of the pieces are made and then sold. Look to find Stilt costumes, latex masks and silicone masks, and anything else we feel like making. All of them sculpted, molded, and painted by us here at Stiltbeast Studios.




I have a mask club where I end up selling most of my masks, Its called the First Stab Club. New masks go out to the members via email and the first one to email me back get to buy it. Selling it any other way and it could be sold twice by accident.

    Since I started the club, no mask has made it to the website. To join my First Stab Club, just email me at and request to join!






Keep checking our site as more Masks will be pulled from these molds, with different paint jobs and personalities.






Why are our prices so low? I have very little overhead in my shop. I have been making latex masks for 15 years but I'm just getting into silicone. Because I am new, you will see a few signs of my learning curve in the masks so you can see the seams here and there. I'm out to give you decent priced options for silicone masks for your haunt.  If you are thinking of buying silicone masks for your show but can't justify the expense of the other companies, then think of my masks as a silicone starter mask. Less expensive and it will put your foot in the door to the world of silicone masks! I will never be a volume seller but I will offer styles you can't get from the other companies.
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