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Actor training materials / Haunter education

Hopps on Haunts-
-This product was a surprise even to me. I am very active on several haunted house forums. A fellow forum member ,Phil Jones -compiled two years worth of advice to fellow haunters on a variety of subjects. It will be emailed in PDF format to you shortly after purchase
 137 pages of info for   $10

Dynamic Airbrush Make-up-
   Especially for haunted attractions! This DVD has been two years in the making. I believe that Airbrush make-up is the ideal solution for the problems facing haunted attraction make-up rooms. It's fast, hygenic, and can be varied enough from show to show to keep each one unique.  This is great for shows considering airbrush make up, its also very good for those who already do airbrush make up at their shows.
    Its a two disc set, I couldn't get the info across in just one disc. 

  Disc 1- This is an info disc! Packed with compressor, airbrush, and make-up technique. Lots of products are discussed and featured. Great disc with tons of info!

  Disc 2- If you learn by watching, then this is the disc for you. This disc has 20 make-ups with narration so you can see make ups happen real time, they are also explained so everybody wins.
    Both discs ~ 4 hours of Info

Dynamic Haunted House Acting -
 This DVD is filled with knowledge, tips and tricks for the haunted attraction actor. Based upon the accumulated experience of Allen Hopps as he worked as a haunted attraction actor at both year round and seasonal Haunted Houses. He has worked at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Spookyworld, Skull Kingdom, Terror on Church St., SCREAMS Halloween Park, and many, many more. Many of the tips he picked up at each of these places are passed on to the viewers.


Dynamic Haunted House Acting Vol. 2-
  This time Allen delves deeper than the basics and gets into the meat of Haunted House acting. Concepts like teamwork and rituals as well as more scare tips make this DVD a great companion to Volume 1.
         Over two hours long! 

             You’ll learn:
* What makes a good haunt actor
* How to set up a scare
* How to maximize scares with teamwork
* Get the “golden key” to guest body fluids
* Bring sport science to haunt acting
* Get into character and stay there
* Mask and costume mysteries revealed
* How to lessen Monday morning pains
* How to play movie characters
* Keeping customers “in the zone”
* and more!!!

Get both acting DVD's
Both Dynamic Haunted House Acting 1 and 2!

Get BOTH acting DVD's and The airbrush DVD set!
       thats 4 dvd'S


 Purchase Dynamic Haunted House acting 1 for $25

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